Medical Facility

Nunn’s Hospital Supply-Rome, NY.
-New construction consisting of retail, office and warehouse space.

Carthage Hospital Physicians Office Buildings-Carthage, NY.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center-Syracuse, NY.
-Renovations and additions to building that include:
Library addition
Radiology Room
Nuclear Medicine Suite
Physicians Office Building
Heritage Family Medicine Facility

Mohawk Glenn Imaging-Rome, NY.
-1,300 sq. ft. addition to the existing Mowhawk Glen Facility.  Installation of a full service MRI Facility,
including concrete foundations, electrical, plumbing, HVAC.  Brick veneer and standing seam roof
make up this new facility.

Cayuga Medical Rehab Center-Ithaca, NY.
-Design/Build Project built out of new tenant space.

Health & Dental Services Center-Oneida, NY.
-Renovation and new building addition to a medical and dental treatment facility
for the Oneida Indian Nation.

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